Family Friendly Summer Time Gathering.

Weekend of Music, Disc Golf, Kids, Yoga, Meditation and Family…. Meditation with Rodasi Campbell – Yoga w/goats with Megan Reichard Hall – Musical melodies with – Chase Makai/Chase MakaiLuke Winslow KingSoul PatchRadel Rosin-Music-Avid KainA Brighter Bloom – Bandura Gypsies – Degobah Sound System – dj Ras Marco – and more.

Tickets – $15 or 4 for $50 presale/music only.

$20 @ gate or $70 for 4!

Disc Golf – tba

Family Friendly summer time gathering. This is a unique blend of talents, arts, entertainment, community, sports, all things Michigan
and more!

Fresh Coast Family Gathering will be working with Northern Waters Series disc golf club to put on a 3 day disc golf tourney and musical adventure day that looks like this. Friday, Aug. 2nd is the start of the early camping/pre-party and disc golf tourney. The
tournament will go all 3 days.

On Saturday, Aug. 3rd, we will be opening the gates to the music and kids activities. It starts @ Noon with Yoga with goats into meditation at the main stage! Then at 1:30p we will kick off 12 straight hours of music provided by some of Michigan’s finest musicians, as well as, world touring guitar slingers, Chase Makai of Medicine for the People and Luke Winslow King!

There will be a kids tent with endless activities and interactive play. Sunday, will wrap up the disc golf tourney with awards and
a parent/child putting tourney!
This is Fresh Coast’s first year and we believe its going to be an amazing one! Do join us!!

Music/Camping Tickets – Pre-Sale – $15 each or 4 for $50
GATE/Day of – $20 each or 4 for $70
disc golf tourney – TBA

Rocky Top Farms
8642 US 31
Ellsworth, MI 49729