Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are something Rocky Top Farms does just the way you want them: custom. Every company Rocky Top has ever produced gifts for is a custom gift. If you want something unique and delicious then contact us with your ideas, needs, and thoughts for your ideal gift. Our selection of preserves, butters, toppings, juices, spices, vinegars and sauces complement items you might want in addition. Whatever you’re craving, we can acquire the gourmet delectables you want. If you’d like some help or want a gift you know everyone will love, we have several that are sure to win you over.

Rocky Top has been creating custom gifts for over 20 years and would love to create a gift with your logo or a local artist commissioned cover silk-screened on handcrafted cedar keepsake. The works “can’t do it,” are not something we know. Whether it’s 10 gifts or 100, each one is crafted with you in mind. With small business clients and those listed in the Fortune 500, we have the experience to make all gift-giving occasions a triumph for you.